Loading & saving models

The RiskAMP portfolio website — this app — does not store your files in the cloud. We might do that in the future, but for the moment there are no user accounts.

You can save and load model files to your desktop. Model files are very simple JSON files, you can read them with any text editor. Use the buttons on the model page to save and load files.

Portfolio model

The model page contains basic information about your portfolio model.

Simulation trials

The simulation trials field sets the number of trials used when running a monte carlo simulation for the report page or in the spreadsheet model.


Asset correlation

The asset correlation switch turns on cross-correlation between assets in your portfolio.

When correlation is enabled, we use a multivariate distribution to model the portfolio. The correlation between each pair of assets is specified on the correlation page.

Retirement options

The retirement options switch adds fields for a retirement year and annual contributions and withdrawals.

In this model, the contribution amount is added to the portfolio in every year up to and including the retirement year.

Every year after reirement, the withdrawal amount is removed from the portfolio (unless the portfolio value drops to zero).